The ‘charms’ of chatGPT

After resisting for a few days I gave in to the charms of chatGPT and Dall-E .

Everything that trends is not a new paradigm. chatGPT launched by and its sibling Dall-E have taken internet by storm. They have one more sibling now – Point-E. I have to admit that my initial scepticism has given way to a grudging approval of their prowesses.

I put chatGPT, a chatty bot, through its paces.

First, I asked him (it?) about Ujjayi Pranayam – how to perform it and what its benefits are. It came up with well (google?) researched information. So it saved me a lot of effort of trudging through heavily SEO-optimized and commercial sites that google throws at you in buckets and shovels. As a simple text interface, it avoids flashy images, pop-ups and other internet annoyances. Here is a sample:

Ujjayi pranayama, also known as “victorious breath” or “ocean breath,” is a breathing technique used in yoga practice. To perform Ujjayi pranayama, sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight and your shoulders relaxed. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to calm your mind. Then, gently contract the muscles at the back of your throat to create a soft hissing sound as you inhale and exhale. Focus on the sound and feeling of your breath as you continue to breathe in and out through your nose. As you become more comfortable with the technique, you can try to lengthen and deepen your breath. It’s important to remember to breathe smoothly and evenly, without forcing or straining your breath.

It saves time if all that you are looking for is quick, concise information on anything that is out there.

Obviously, it is likely to leave out anything that is not mainstream -that’s my impression. If you are researching for any controversial subject it is likely to leave out or underemphasise alternate opinions.

chatGPT did well in-

-converting Shakespearean English to modern English

-make summaries of long-form text

-finding readability issues like complex sentences. But even a free version of grammarly is much better here.

-writing a boring school-essay level article on any given subject

For the same reason, it can be useful for writing reports or making presentation bullet points because they are rarely read.

You will miss insights that come from long years of practice and experience. Like it left out an important instruction that my Pranayam teacher taught me. Don’t rely on it blindly for important decisions or actions like performing Ujjayi Pranayam. Do consult a real knowledgeable person.

Tiktok already has a ‘horror’ show of 15 year old asking chatGPT to make a 1500 word script for video on ‘how to make money (while) in school’ and using some other tools to make it. Teachers and editors have their headaches multiplied.

chatGPT has come a cropper when tasked with creative writing. It always churned out boring stuff. It can’t come up with catchy one-liners or interesting captions. Same for quirky or witty quips.

I read that it can tell jokes, but when I asked to crack jokes using the context of technical content, it came up with some poor stuff. When I pushed it more, it said:

I’m sorry, but as a language model, I am not programmed to create jokes. My primary function is to provide information and assist with tasks such as language translation, summarization, and text generation. Is there anything else I can help with?

I have read that it can do many other things like write software programs, debug them, and train and test AI models on data. But that’s not my stuff.

It is metronomically boring but saves time.

Will chatGPT and its siblings cause a new paradigm of nearly everything? Or will they be merely alternatives to google and some other software applications? Or will the avalanche of useless AI-generated-SEO-optimized-viral-intent content be a bigger disaster than the population explosion?Time alone will tell.

My writing skills are not yet redundant, it seems 🙂


Book excerpt – Work Life Balance

Excerpts from Jargon Jungle an eBook covering areas like personal growth, people and talent, strategy and business models, and innovation and technology. 

Unless you investigate the causes behind your bad work or difficult life, any amount of ‘work-life balance’ initiatives by your HR will be of no use.

But even before you begin to investigate, you must recognize and accept your reality. A chat with a good friend or your spouse or a professional counselor might help. You may also consider online tools that help you find out more about yourself.

Work-life balance is not about avoiding hard work — it can’t be achieved by slogging until you are 35 to make a fortune and then retiring — in all likelihood, you will retire with a lifelong lifestyle disease!

The balance we need is not that of two pans and a pointer in the middle. That’s dead balance.

The balance we need is that of a runner who enjoys his movement, or that of a musician who enjoys his performance. The balance we need is that of working hard and well, followed by rest as one savors the sweet exhaustion that comes with doing a good job. All of us know what that is.

Whether in sports, at work, or in life, such a balance is difficult to achieve. And it happens only if we practice to set up conditions of balance and then let go.

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Jargon Jungle book excerpts -IoT

Unlock power of ideas lost to jargon

Excerpts from Jargon Jungle an eBook covering areas like personal growth, people and talent, strategy and business models, and innovation and technology. 

“The challenge will be in developing IoT apps that make various settings easy and which can learn your preferences. Researchers are working on ‘cells’ which generate electricity from body heat. Such energy sources will be a boon to wearable devices or even body implants equipped with IoT networking.

One can only imagine how value chains in industry will undergo upheavals. Tremendous value locked in existing ways will be destroyed and be captured in newer ways. IoT networks will generate data that are orders of magnitude bigger than humans now create. Obviously, we will need even bigger capacities in big data analytics and cloud technology. You can now understand why cloud, big data, mobility, and IoT are hot.

It’s likely that you will deal with the emerging IoT network related businesses while working with a start-up or with an existing player. If you extend your knowledge into other areas and spend time imagining, you may surprise yourself.

You will need to indulge your imagination time and again. People capable of breakthrough thinking will be in hot demand — ‘imaginators’ will be in as much demand as the techies.”

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