Business transformation

Business transformation requires fundamental changes in the business model, market offerings, in the way customers perceive them, and in the way employees and supply chain partners see the company and its market offerings. Transformation requires Internal and External Branding Transformation requires leadership of high caliber. Do you agree? How does one define leadership? Can one … More Business transformation

Internal branding & external branding

Business processes provide direct pathways for creating and delivering value to customers. Processes such as product creation, order execution, distribution, complaint resolution etc. have direct impact on customer experience, asset productivity, costs, and employees perceptions. Customer experience is brand image. Employee perception is internal branding of the company and its market offerings. Employee perception is … More Internal branding & external branding

Internal branding

Internal branding is what employees think about your company and your products and services. Employees know a lot more about their company’s products and processes behind them. Therefore their perceptions can be leading indicators of how customers may perceive the products. Internal branding requires that your business processes are managed well. Your internal communications must … More Internal branding