How to make strategy relevant to your team

The heading may confound some. Is there any irrelevant strategy? The surprising answer is YES! Very often strategies are cooked in faraway places, in faraway contexts, and in faraway language -atleast for most of your managers. So there is scepticism, “let’ s watch till this blows over..” kind of stance by many managers. From my … More How to make strategy relevant to your team

Operational innovation

Many equate innovation with product innovation or market innovation. While these are important, other kind of innovation, just as important gets ignored. This innovation is operational innovation. The idea is simple you focus few vital value adding business processes and achieve breakthrough improvements. Here is an excerpt from case study. Process focus When the effort … More Operational innovation

Competitive advantage

CEOs are obsessed about how to build competitive advantage for their firms. It is well known that most strategies fail due to implementation problems. Business processes are vehicles of delivery of value to customers and of achieving returns for other stake holders. However, their central importance in building competitive advantage is often not appreciated. A … More Competitive advantage