why internal branding -excerpts from a case study

Fanning the flames was the company’s historical obsession with selling, to the near exclusion of everything else. “We were watching the front door to capture new customers, but we were hemorrhaging customers out the back door because of inattention,” says Ken Thompson, Wachovia’s CEO (and First Union’s former president). “You can’t sell enough product to make up for the revenue lost from customer attrition.” Wachovia Bank realised that they have to do a lot about its fron desk people. “You can’t just go to the front line and say they need to be more friendly. You need to break it down into specific behaviors.” Internal branding is designed to instill employees with a company’s brand vision and provide them with the tools to translate that vision to the customer. Exponient’ process way precisely provides these tool for managers. These tools make it possible to manage and improve processes towards specific objectives. If you need the full case study, please send me a mail. Hemant


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