Employer employee relation standing on its head!

If you haven’t taken the caption seriously, please read the following or better still, follow the link for a full news item in the Economic Times. Does your company pamper you?- The Economic Times Quote It’s hard to imagine what on earth could motivate a company to invite around 100 ex-employees, some of who flew down from across the world, to join current employees in celebrating its Rs 1,000 crore turnover mark. Or for that matter to imagine that a global consulting firm would throw a Valentine’s Day party for students at a business school campus. But that’s exactly what Marico and AT Kearney did in the recent past. The answer is simple. This is the age of employee consumerism, where the best talent isn’t yours for the asking. There are scores of other companies vying for the brightest individuals, and instead of you choosing your employee — and this one’s going to be pretty hard for most HR heads and CEOs to swallow — the brightest get to choose, or reject you. And, just like marketers who’re out to woo consumers in every possible way, recruiters have no choice but to make themselves attractive to likely candidates. Unquote Do you agree with all this? Are you aleady on this bandwagon? At Exponient, we have a different take on the subject. While it is true that in this age of talent shortages companies have to ‘brand’ themselves with not just customers in mind but also with employees as target audience. But it is not just some bashes and parties here and there…as marketers have discovered… you can’t throw money at the problem. At Exponient we take far more strategic approach. Please write to me or post you comments here. Hemant

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