McDonald’s: facing fat -a marketing problem or a strategic muddle?

I came across this story. I feel a new classic is in the making -how a strategic muddle is sought be treated by marketing cover-ups. Read on.. QUOTE McDonald’s: facing fat The 50-year-old firm temporarily diverged from its mascot Ronald McDonald in Japan for a fling with a glamorous twenty-something model. The move has now been followed by the fast-food chain opening kitchens across 30 countries to public viewings, in an effort to counter falling confidence in the quality of its fare. On top of the misjudged “I’m lovin’ it” slogan and makeovers that have delivered some of the chain’s outlets in the livery of French-style bistros (aka the Champs Elysées), the latest moves have the mark of a company that knows it has a problem, but does not know how to solve it. END QUOTE A classic -ain’t it? For more on branding & design visit PURPLE STREAM Brand & Design and for help with strategic muddles visit Exponient Consulting Hemant

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