How to transform your business

Back to Business Transformation. Back to the leadership at the top. The trigger today is provided by an excellent article that appeared in tThe Business Standard, Strategist, of Nov 22 2005. The article asks, Why do some chief executives succeed in dramatically improving the performance of their companies, whereas others flounder in a mire of failed initiatives? Read the article at Management & Marketing The article rightly mentions the importance of operational changes for successful business transformation. However the article fails to mention these crucial aspects – right strategy advise, mentoring, and using business processes as a platform of transformation. It is quite likely that even an able leader may fail to see certain crucial issues in time, given the quality of information and signal reaching him or her. A mentor, a strategist and a business process consultant can provide those crucial inputs. Sometimes you can get them all in one person. This was my take from my work with one of my clients. Yes, that person- a mentor, a stragist, and a process consultant is me! Call me! See my contact details on Hemant


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