the world has fallen in love with India. Should Indians follow the suit?

The world can not have enough of India, it seems. From India’s Yoga, techie prowesses to mangoes world is lapping it all up. Not coincidently, China’s so called down sides are being talked about. So it seems. Should Indians sit back and count their blessings? Not if this piece on Chinese design and inovation is an indicator. Dell, IBM, Motorola, P & G are investing heavily in China based R &D. Read on for more The Business Innovation Insider: China is turning into an R&D powerhouse Well, it looks like the “China is to India as Wal-Mart is to Target” argument is under pressure from the Wall Street Journal. Yesterday, the print version of the paper published a front page article (“Low Costs, Plentiful Talent Make China a Global Magnet for R&D”) that strongly suggested that China is passing India in the innovation/creativity sphere. In fact, it looks like China is rapidly turning itself into a global R&D hub that will soon rival anything found in North America or Western Europe. Indians used to relegating China to the status of sweat shops churning out mass produced goods may suddenly have face some unpleasant truths. Indians are used to praise, they love praise and they can be put to sleep on praise. The world, particularly the western world knows how it could keep India happy by praising and China engaged by investing. That happened in manufacturing. Somehow China did not wake up in time for IT and BPO deluge. But it seems it is determined not to let the R & D and design waves go by. Indians have a real enemies within -complacency and arrogance. These mar their entrepreneurial and inventive energies. Complacency and arrogance kill inspiration and perserverence needed for great R & D and design work. Hemant


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