why should I be writing on innovation?

With so much innovation-text flying around, what is the need for more text? For example see this blog on sources of innovation… As it is I/P Updates: CEOs Looking to Extermal Sources for Innovation – News and Information for Intellectual Property Practitioners According to IBM’s “Global CEO Study 2006,” 76% of the 750 of CEOs and business leaders interviewed for the study ranked business partner and customer collaboration as top sources for new ideas. This greatly contrasts with internal R&D, which ranked eighth as a source for new ideas — cited by only 14% of CEOs. However, only 51% say their organizations currently collaborate extensively. I feel it is important to focus on other end of the innovation chain -where innovating ideas are fleshed out and resources get allocated. It is important to analyze innovations in the context the following frames -macro socio-regulatory-economic scene -enterprise realities -value generation by market offering Most companies do not establish such frames with result that adhoc decisions rule. Hemant


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