what is your leadership style?

This is not another piece on leadership styles -dictator, democrat, ostrich or whatever. The kind of reports you often read says something more relevant about you… Most reports -sales statements, market analysis, production data, expenses, P & L give yesterday’s information. There is generally no clue about what to do to improve things for tomorrow. But managers are comfortable with analysis but not with forecasting and scenario building. Thery even lack expertise and tolls to make reasonable forecasts. So how to change from the classic rear-view-mirror driving to look- ahead-driving? Here are some actions -scanning the environment actively by building networks outside the company -bringing in a strong “process way” management, process owners, process measurements etc to get a fix on business processes and levers to manage them -build active forecasting culture over 1 month, 3 month and 12 months (longer if necessary) windows. Cover not just sales but drill it down to cash flows -look at non-competition, non-customers, upstarts, sub-standard (in your view) but still attracting customers type businesses All above requires great courage. But see the fun angle. Hemant


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