work, performance, life, and happiness

A very strange combination, not common even amongst well paid people in good companies! HR managers are increasingly asked to provide solutions to people issues such as burnouts, below par performance, frustration, work-life (im) balance etc. Often there are not enough resources available to them. Nor there is clarity on conceptual framework for providing such solutions. This leads to adhoc efforts in training, outbound programs, parties, celebrations. These initiatives are welcome as they lead to ‘feel good’ atmosphere. However they are not enough since they do not address underlying issues concerning individuals. Exponient’s ( Creative Self Leadership Workshop provides a foundation to individuals to deal with above and underlying issues. The individual is put through exercises that help in developing emotional capabilities and creative thinking techniques. Further training is given in applying these capabilities to self-assessment, communications, time management, and realtionships. I am looking for companies and their HR managers who are convinced that this is right approach and willing work as partner with us in addressing above issues for their organizations and people. Please contact me by mail. Rest assured that we will have a very interesting and fruitful partnership. Hemant Karandikar

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