About oceans, red or blue. No, it is about rocking the boat!

You thought navigating an ocean would be difficult. Now you have to think that Red Ocean is may be energy sapping and blue ocean would be easy! We are talking about strategy! Here is low down BOS (Blue Ocean Strategy).
Companies & Industry
There are two ways to create Blue Oceans — create completely new industries or create a Blue Ocean from within a Red Ocean by expanding boundaries of the existing industry and making competition irrelevant. Delivering to an unserved set of customers a compelling new value proposition creates a Blue Ocean. The Blue Ocean Strategy BOS is, thus, the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost.

The problem is old. Most companies have no systematic way of gathering information. Their ideas of the value chain they work in are hazy. The second problem is their value sets (behavioral values) may be different than what is needed to implement a BOS.

As my experience shows the real problems are of implementation of BOS when the organization needs different kind of decision making rules and different kind of processes. The exiting embedded value systems, mostly implicit, are too difficult to dislodge.

BOS needs a full scale transformation effort. How many companies are ready for this? How many have necessary strategy and coaching support?



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