Designers Are The Enemy of Design???

I came across this:

So let me tell you why. Designers suck because they are arrogant. The blogs and websites are full of designers shouting how awful it is that now, thanks to Macs, Web 2.0, even YouTube, EVERYONE is a designer. Core 77 recently ran an article on this backlash and so did we on our Innovation & Design site. Designers are saying that Design is everywhere, done by everyone. So Design is debased, eroded, insulted. The subtext, of course, is that Real design can only be done by great star designers.”

Full text at
Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog: Designers Are The Enemy of Design

Now my experience is different. I work with Design Directions, Pune for brand & communications strategy. I do not find arrogance at all. I find openness and willingness to learn there.

But yes, I have come across designer gatherings where they have tended to be verbose (strange!) without getting anywhere.

But the blog makes more relevant point about need for design process to be democratic ( I prefer broad based).



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