Leadership FAQ!

What is the future of leadership development?
It is necessary. Everyone says so, few act. Since the need is fundamental sooner or later
the solutions would be as main stream as supply chain management.

Which organisations could be considered exemplars of leadership development?
I know GE does a great job.

What is it that these exemplars are doing better than other organisations?
GE has strong leadership development processes. Its six sigma culture also supports leadership development greatly.

What part will technology play in the future? What are the emergent technologies? What are the limitations of technology application?
Technology (IT) will play only a carrier role e.g. web forms, mobile forms for coachees to carry out excercizes. The drivers have to be top leaders

Which organisations are leading developments in this field?
Exponient (my firm) is active on lower scale.It has content.

Who are the thought leaders and leading practitioners in this field?
There is shortage experienced and motivational speakers. The need is for tools-based coaching. Exponient does that.

Do you know of any good web resources to answer these and related questions?
Yes: www.exponient.com exponient.wordpress.com


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