Subversive strategy a la google!

Even if you are a die-hard MSOFFICE JUNKY, the world is not. You may frown at Google bare bones DOCs & Spreadsheets offerings or may feel queasy about having depend on internet access even for working on word or excel files.

Think! Google is betting on:

(1) Most people do not need MSOFFICE full functionality most of the times and they wont mind trading down for lower functionality if there is something in them..

(2)Demand and benefits collaborative working (you know that irritant called versions of files) is large enough and companies wont mind accepting some limitations….

Who would say Google’s bets are totally wrong?

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PC Worlds Techlog Google Spreadsheets Gets Charts Finally
Whenever anyone asks me about the spreadsheet app in Google Docs and Spreadsheets and its robustness as an Excel substitute, Ive explained that its very basic–“It cant even create charts.” No longer. After yesterdays news about an upcoming Google presentation app, the company rolled out a new version of Spreadsheets today with charting and a few other worthwhile features. The free Web-based app is still more of a Spreadsheet Jr. than a full-bodied Excel rival, but its becoming more and more plausible as a real productivity tool, especially if collaboration is involved.



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