More on Google & MS…

Mr. Milton D’Silva, Editor, Industrial Products Finder, sent me this ….
I guess Google is a nimble smarty and MS a bit lethargic behemoth. Google can selectively target and focus on an area while MS has to guard its fortress from all sides all the times. In the long run, Google would certainly make itself more and more relevant and trendy. But it would be mistaken to assume it can outsmart MS in all departments. Morever, with the net moving to mobiles and other handheld devices, the next few years wuld be very interesting to watch the way companies and devices capture the imagination. I guess MS would have to factor this in its strategy…rather than offering a sumptuous buffet spread in a large hall where one becomes suddenly indecisive as to what to eat, it should concentrate on offering quick and interesting small bites in the cubicle for the busy exec, something that Google seems to have understood well. In the meanwhile, just look at todays headlines for techies:

1. Google Replaces Microsoft as No 1
2. Microsoft results beat forecasts

Thanks Milton for an insightful comment…I like the analogy of sumptuous buffet / quick bites. Well, this is the age of quick bites, SMS, one line blogs….



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