There are two kinds of employees.

One: Those who like have an easy ride and can be bought by more pay, more benefits etc. You shouldn’t buy them.

Two: These people want to do good job and get very frustrated when their outputs levels are low in their eyes compared to their input work. They are also concerned about adding new job skills. You should know both types.

For the second type people you need to put in mechanism for improving business processes and project execution. For this you will have to provide them with information, tools, infrastructure, values, and of course leadership so that they can come up with what they need. This is a great a way of building their skills and improving working environment.

It will also expose the category one people. You should know what do with category one.

The business gains that you will make will be a bonus for you for the above work. Share this with those who made the difference.

If you need any help, contact me.



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