Learning Leadership on the go!

I feel good while returning to my blog after several months, since I have something to show for my absence.

Somewhere in this blog I had mentioned this question

“Can leadership be taught?” I had heard this question in many places.

I had answered it in the affirmative -I have been coaching managers, particularly CEOs, in leadership skills.

The difficulties in finding “time” for face to face coaching prompted me to look for delivery of learning and coaching through the web.

I am glad to announce that Learning Leadership is now available online.

You can work on this from anywhere.

The program structure allows self-learning by doing various workouts (assignments) with the help of learning resources provided side by side. Coaching by me is optional. The program design allows my coaching inputs inside the workouts themselves. The coaching methods have been developed and proven through my managerial and consulting work.

The workouts are to be done totally in the context of your work challenges. So there is no “learning overhead”.

Confidentiality: You workouts and identity shall be visible to you alone (password protected).

Please visit the link, and register. You will need a key to enroll for the course which I will send, after your registration. Enrolling enables your self-learning.

You might like to encourage your direct reports to go through this program.

Visit and enroll

Let me know if you have difficulties.



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