Straight to the point

Developing leadership skills in your people or in yourself is a complex and long process -no doubt about it.

If you have attended leadership programs (on-site or off-site), you would have noticed that they tend to be

-high on philosophy
-high on words or
-high on exercises or games that have nothing to do with your actual work

Someone might explain their utility by saying that one learns through analogy and transferring the “learning” to one’s work situation.

Does it really happen this way?

And look -when one learned maths one learned by doing those actual sums, to develop muscles you need to work those very muscles. Our real learning happens only by doing things, committing and correcting errors (usually under some guidance).

Development of leadership skills require learning to think and act like a leader. Why is it different for leadership development? should it be?

Our web based Learning Leadership services fulfill this crucial need. Try them! You will notice the difference.



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