commitment, engagement…

These are buzzwords any CEO can not miss. There are umpteen studies and reports on why they are important. But how does one get employees committed and engaged?

Signs of employees’ commitment to the company- Corporate Dossier-Features-The Economic Times

In the best organisations, people take great pride in being a part of that organisation and that membership is an important part of their identity. When you ask them, What do you do?, they say, I‘m with Apple, instead of, I’m a software engineer. That is what is meant by commitment.

The other driving force is engagement. Engagement is how valuable a contribution people think their work makes to something that really matters to them. Commitment and engagement are the two very powerful engines of enthusiasm and involvement.

My take: It is leadership. Leaders who set an inspiring agenda, live by values, and stand behind implementation of their strategies engage and get people committed. How to develop such leadership? Well, we have some program-based coaching to achieve just this at



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