The art of creating value

Here is a quote from an ex-student of an Ivy League business school..


Every professor who cruised by seemed intent on achieving a super-ordinate goal and the students seemed equally concerned about maximizing their returns on an Ivy League education.

A decade later, I believe that B-school education prepared me for the challenges of a corporate career but with a missing ingredient — the art of creating value without getting caught in the trivial pursuit of management perfection.


Reams have written about value creation. The real problem is people, even the best of them, do not look where they should be looking -their work, offerings, value chains, under-served, over-served, or differently served customers. They are not thinking about these aspects.

How does one do this? Where does one get any help?

Learning Leadership programs provide framework and coaching support for thinking on the above.

Take a look.



One thought on “The art of creating value

  1. Customers usually do not think about being served enough or not. But they may show symptoms or signals (resistance to price, asking for more features, experimenting with new options etc. It is for the marketer producer to figure this out.


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