Living is entrepreneurship

I got this idea from Srinivas Sridharan, my ex-colleague from Philips days. To quote from his profile,

” he investigates the nature of consumption and entrepreneurship exhibited by impoverished individuals and communities”

Indeed living is entrepreneurship for a large mass of humanity. Privileged people like us do not seem to reaize this. It is geat that people like Srinivas are exploring this. Travails of poor people has often been a subject of art, a recent example being the Oscar winner ‘Slumdog Millionnaire’.

People are very inventive and are great learners while waging the battle for existence. Nature ingrains these qualities in us. But the moment connections between daily bread and efforts snap, as they do when people earn some security the entrepreneurship deserts them…

Entrepreneurship when seen in the context of businesses needs to go beyond this desperate inventiveness and include qualities like

-learning, transferring learning into new situations

-connecting with value chains and other forces

-teaching the learnings to more people

At Learning Leadership, learners get to practice the above in their work situations.



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