Change is in the air…why grasping reality is important?

Royalty vanished. Marxism communism vanished. Industrial revolution gave way to information revolution.Now capitalism and globalization as we know are likely to vanish. Old things like snail mail (post), typewriters, film camera vanished. Even not so rich people change their cell phones every year. If you say this is the age of consumerism, the threats of global warming, the threats of social unrest due to poverty and hunger will challenge it (unfettered consumption). Change is in the air.

To be a good leader one must develop sensitivity to ‘change’ and one must be constantly challenging assumptions. One may think that only the top leader has to be doing this. Not enough. An organization needs leaders at all levels who can sense, champion, and even create change. An organization needs to be equipped with multitude of eyes and ears and change agents, if it has to survive and thrive.

Leaders must have sound grasp of reality.


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