What kind of leader are you?

I was reading about TV channel wars -a general entertainment channel (housewives need soaps) pitted against another channel (housewives need more better soaps), one news channel (viewers need latest news but they have enough time to sit through same stories being recycled) against another news channel (viewers have even more time). The commentator (not the TV anchor) talked about rewriting the rules (of the game)!

Where does one see any rewriting of rules? Most leaders play the momentum game. They ride a wave. Nothing wrong in that. Only, the wave appears to them as as an unending upward growing sales line. They get stranded when the line displays it’s wave nature.

Great leaders question the assumptions, frameworks, and platforms every now and then. In that sense they are obsessed and paranoid. While they build an organization based on values, business rules, and processes, they are receptive to changes around them and are willing to invent or look at new business models.

What kind of leader are you?


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