Change is in the air, I want to be part of it..

As I get some time to breath, sitting in a client’s office in Chennai, I see.

Coming out of Channai airport and getting on the arterial road to city, I see with a mixture of pleasure and a bit of jealousy, pedestrians crossing the road with a brisk but not a frantic walk. Of course there are two policemen on either side of the road divider who help this happen. I dream of pleasures of walking in amche Pune.

I see people developing technologies and business models for  providing banking, shopping, and travel services as and when needed. I dream of me not having to repeat my preferences every time I need to bank or travel or buy something . I see that I do not have to negotiate road traffic and aisle traffic in malls and the humanoids there if I choose not to. I see that I do not have to remember to do a web check-in at midnight just to book an aisle seat. Choosing and buying gifts does not have to be such a huge decision making and nerve wrecking exercise. I see around me, hapy people while shopping. That makes me happier too.

In between my work at the client’s place I get some time. I log into our Learning Leadership to coach senior industry people remotely. I see that people in their forties, fifties, or sixties building new businesses and transforming existing ones. I see their commitment for developing themselves even after being successful. I see them coming out with their follies and vulnerabilities just so that they can think better, dream bigger, decide better, and act with purpose. These business leaders are willing to be challenged about their thoughts and they are willing to be corrected. I feel their passion for learning. I feel the energy that their dreams play out.

I see short cuts taken and corners being cut for pennies and careers and lives being sacrificed for some fortune. But also I see people committing themselves to what may come to fruition years later. There are smug people and there are some who  criticize but do not devote their talents for creating. But there are people who dream and create.

I get frustrated with the walls of vested interests that hoodwink us with dubious economics and science – whether for cutting carbon or for Bt Brinjal or for promoting automobile industry or for promoting nuclear energy. But I also see  ethical hackers, RTI activists, and profesionals with heart  -gamely breaching the walls that keep coming up.

I hear about very young people driven to desperation and I see some of them getting too wise and too practical. But I also see young people with gleam in their eyes about their game changing efforts. I see them setting aside limitations of education and asking ‘why not’ to challenges.

I dream too. Dreams, mine & others, make life lively.

As always, change is in the air, I want be part of it.


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