How to be hardnosed: What to look for in your executive coach -7

What kind of leadership?

This is going to be tough for you to decode. Ask, “What kind of leadership will I learn?”

You may get answers like “Situational Leadership”, “Value based Leadership”, “Strategic Leadership” and so on..

These answers do not make you any wiser. Probe more. Ask “What exactly is that? What does it do in real world?” You may get more jargon.

Go on and ask, “Which skills will I learn? How will these skills help me in my career?”

Answers to these questions may help you in making up your mind. Remember executive coaching often can be in the form of free wheeling conversations. While you may feel good about exploring and expressing yourself, that is all that you will be left with.

Therefore ask, “What is the specific outcome of the coaching programs?”

If you hear ‘you will communicate better’ or ‘you will build a better team” forget it. You can not verify all these. Besides, leadership is more than that.  You need something tangible and useful to come out of your time and money.

Learning Leadership’s executive coaching programs help you in developing your own agenda as leader. That is something you can use, evaluate, and improvise! Read more…


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