Leaders & their decisions…1

Scene : A coaching session with a CEO.

CEO: There are now two candidates for the job of the operations head. A has many years of relevant experience and is less qualified. I can get him easily and at a substantially lower CTC. B is qualified, experienced, and very ambitious. He will cost twice as much as A. A is eager to join, whereas B is ambivalent. I think A suits us.

I (the coach): A suits the company or he suits you?

CEO: umm….B seems to have strong views..such people you know..

I: The question is whether A can revamp the operations as you need. If he can not, the entire CTC spent on him will be a waste. As long as B’s strong views are based on facts, logic, and partly gut feeling backed by conviction, there is nothing wrong. One can not achieve anything without these things.

The CEO went into deep thought.

CEO: I see your point. The operations head  will take up the work I was handling so far. I do not want him to leave things as they are and I should learn to deal with a strong person who can change things. But what is guarantee that B will carry out changes and that he is not just a hard headed person? Also, B will upset our salary structure.

I: That is a good question to ask. CTC is less important as long it is market related and as long the company can afford it. Is the salary structure out of step with market? If yes,it will have to change.

The CEO again got immersed in his thoughts.

A leader’s most immediate output is decisions that can leave a lasting impact on their companies and morale of their people. People related decisions fall in this category. Unknown to our conscious mind, we use wrong criteria for making decisions.

A good business leadership executive coach can help in averting such blunders.

(In this case, the CEO went on to hire B. He also revamped the salary structure realizing that the company was at a risk of losing good people. Some years down line , the  company has revamped its operations and has a stronger and balanced management team.)


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