Importance of Emotional Leadership program

At Learning Leadership, we always recommend that our Emotional Leadership program is used as a platform to launch leadership development initiatives in an organization. A leader’s ‘presence’ is felt when he or she inspires people to achieve something worthwhile. Inspiration being an emotional phenomenon, a leader must be in close touch with emotions -own and those of people.

The Emotional Leadership program has been running at the College of Business, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA.*

The importance of Emotional Leadership is best understood from what Professor James Campbell Quick says:

“Emotional Leadership offers a pathway to the heart of leadership growth and development. Great leadership inspires; inspiration come from within. This course invites you to know yourself and the power of your own emotions. These are the gateway to knowing and leading others. Emotional Leadership empowers you to enhance your emotional intelligence, which is essential to the skills of powerful leadership. Emotional leadership is key to effective leadership.”

James Campbell Quick
John and Judy Goolsby Distinguished Professor
Goolsby Leadership Academy
College of Business
The University of Texas at Arlington, USA
Visiting Professor, Lancaster University Management School, UK

Various workouts in the Emotional Leadership programs offer good insights for executive coaching. An experienced executive coach can understand the person under coaching better and provide useful developmental inputs.

*The Emotional Leadership is also running at several corporations.


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