After initial success, Ajit faces pangs of growth

Ajit runs a technology company. Ajit’s is one of those few companies that are started by technologists with passion for creating new products or new ways of doing things. Ajit and his small band of people have tasted initial commercial success in the way of getting some customers to buy, use, and endorse their new bandwidth conserving products for datacom applications. Although the money earned so far is still is less than the money sunk in technology and product development, Ajit is quite upbeat and impatient.

Ajit is impatient because,  he finds that he has to push things out of the door and to the customers. He hates it and wonders why his people can not handle these things themselves.

That is not all. He has that gnawing feeling that their products might fall behind the curve when it comes to meeting customers’ changing expectations and when it comes to shaping them.

Every new company or a company that is trying to grow goes through such pangs. Ajit, though a technologist, is aware of this. He attended some management development programs in which he had heard discussion  on this subject. But he has no clue about what needs to be done and in what sequence.

Ajit and his team need to develop emotional, operational, and strategic leadership skills. These skills can not be learned by reading books, attending courses or through being on the job. When you wish to be a leader who achieves operational improvements and who brings products that customers demand, you need to be able to think AHEAD. Ajeet and his team need to develop such thinking habits and and a also bias for actions. Ajit and his team need executive coaching that will encourage them to think across a broad range of business aspects and think of actions on the ground without missing anything.

Now, it is difficult to achieve and sustain such wide and deep thinking that is rooted in actions through lectures or group activities or strategy discussions over a limited period of two or three days.

At Learning Leadership, our various programs are based on well designed and well sequenced workouts which cover a broad range business and behavioural aspects. These programs run for several months and are designed for cyclical repeats. Our executive coaches ‘observe’ your thinking through these workouts and help you to think wide and deep. You get actionable agenda out of your learning effort. You get better and better in thinking like a leader.

Give it a try.

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