Putting your leadership profile to work

Learning Leadership has a free program for you to discover your leadership profile.

There are many ‘tests’ that one can take to find more about oneself. Most such efforts usually stop at just that. While the organizations ordering those tests may benefit (in their people related decisions) the individuals seldom get anything of value from their participation.

The ‘Discover your Leadership Profile’ can be put to day-to-day use. Your workouts about the ways in which you ‘think’, ‘learn’, ‘decide’ will give you a better idea about what works and what does not work with you. You can share some of this with people working with you. This will help you to set their expectations about you and give them a chance to adjust their interactions with you accordingly.

You will be surprised to learn that many of your colleagues will be willing to make these adjustments since this will make things simpler for them.

Try it. You may like to suggest to others that they too find out their profiles and share with you. The program requires registration (standard two step process) but there are no charges.

At Learning Leadership, we aim to derive practical value from our learning efforts. This is just one example.

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