What and how of communications…

Great leadership conjures up images of charismatic personality and great oratory. Indeed, these can be assets to anyone. However, leadership goes beyond charisma. Great leaders capture the essence of their vision or mission in simple language and inspire their people to strive for it.  They communicate what is needed and they know how to communicate.

The art and science of communications goes beyond body language and style. Systematic planning, researching the subject and the constituency, and well defined objectives help in communicating effectively. The ‘art’ comes on top of such preparation and it can not substitute a systematic approach. It is possible that some leaders may get this right instinctively. But, for those who wish to learn leadership it is best to prepare for their communications well.

Learning Leadership‘s Communicate to Lead program helps leaders to learn and to practice the art and science of communications under expert coaching. The program helps leaders to learn the principles of communications from their experience and practice them through a well paced project of their choice.

Communicate to Lead takes the same approach that is the hallmark of Learning Leadership’s programs:

1. Learn about various principles and concepts through own experience

2. Put them to use by developing action points through various workouts

Please give it a try.

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