For a new year , a new way of building an agile organization…..

Assumption: You agree that you need ‘capable’ leaders at various levels in your organisation for agility in framing the need for change, for framing a strategy, and for implementing a strategy.

But before I discuss the new, let me deal with the old.  The leadership development programs of various types.  They (those run by good institutes) are great in bringing up some powerful concepts in leadership with the help of case studies and some group activities. They can open minds, give fresh insights, and can be a great way of networking (also some site seeing depending on their location).

But the minds that are opened need to stay open.  It is well known that human minds revert to their habitual thinking patterns as soon as the ‘normalcy’ returns. Therefore, any retained learning from the MDP decays exponentially soon after your executives return to work.

What we do in Learning Leadership programs is to provide your executives with work based exercises (workouts). With their own work and life as their  ‘case studies’, your executives are paced through application of various leadership principles to come up with own action plans. When you think in terms of real and verifiable actions, you think well.  Our executive coaches go through these workouts one-by-one and give feedback for fresh thinking by the executives.  Our executive coaching method helps in forming NEW thinking habits at the same it helps in coming up with real world action plans.

The workouts require rigorous  thinking efforts. The workouts can be done anywhere  -in executives’ normal work environment, or at home, or while travelling.  The entire learning process happens over the internet.

The workouts are based on the Regenerative Leadership model. The model integrates best in class tools and practices in the area of leadership and management. The Learning Leadership programs cover emotional, operational, and strategic skills.

So let your new year’s agenda get one more important entry: Learning Leadership‘s workout-based executive coaching for you and your team. At your pace, place, and time.


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