Before and after…comparing your leadership skills

I am often asked how does one find the extent of improvement in leadership skills after going through a leadership development program. Learning Leadership has devised a simple yet very powerful leadership baseline.

You can use this baseline to find efficacy of any leadership program by drawing it before and after the program. The baseline relies on how you allocate your time amongst various activities broadly grouped under reactive and pro-active categories.

Anyone can easily establish his or her own leadership baseline since it connects with day to day work situations. One just needs to complete the ‘Draw your leadership baseline’ workout* in our ‘Discover your leadership profile’ program. The workout also comes with guidelines on how to interpret the baseline. This is a free program. It requires registration.

Accessing and using Learning Leadership’s Leadership baseline workout:

If you are a registered user, you can now access this special workout for drawing your leadership baseline. Just log in and enrol in our “Discover your leadership profile” program. This program is free.

If you a not a registered user yet, register and click the program “Discover your leadership profile”

If you enrol and undergo various other programs (require payment) on Learning Leadership, you will see a good shift in your baseline. Of course, you will need to put in rigorous thinking and implementation efforts, but the results will be there for you to see.

Our executive coaching supports your learning efforts -workouts* and implementing your agenda. That’s why you learn faster and better.

Go ahead tell us about your results.


*workout: A workout is an exercise based on your work situations and devised to help you apply leadership principles and come up with your own actions (agenda)


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