Would you like to be a leadership coach?

If you are or have been a senior corporate executive and are passionate about developing leaders, this can be a very satisfying area of work for you.

Learning Leadership is pleased to invite senior corporate executives to join, as leadership coaches, the Learning Leadership’s online executive coaching platform. You can leverage Learning Leadership’s programs and processes  to use your insights and develop leaders.

About Learning Leadership (visit site for details)

Learning Leadership combines  action learning, leader’s thinking practice, and improvisation. This is done in the context of a learner’s work responsibilities.  The coach gets powerful insights into the learner’s leadership skills and applies just the right kind of inputs.

Learning Leadership’s programs cover emotional, operational, and strategic leadership skills. The programs help organizations to build leadership pipelines. Most executive coaching program focus on the so called soft skills alone. Learning Leadership’s programs cover both soft and hard (business) aspects of leadership.

Profile of the Leadership coach

1. CEO level experience or broad cross-functional experience at senior levels.

2. Passion for developing leaders.

3. Prior coaching experience desirable but not must, if the profile matches on other counts.

4. Ability to connect with organizations at senior levels to get executives to enrol in Learning Leadership’s one or more programs.

5. Broad agreement with Learning Leadership’s values, philosophy and process.

If you are interested, please the review material on Learning Leadership web site. You may also review the blog posts “What to look for in your leadership coach -1” (to -6) in this blog.  Please write to me for further information at hemant.karandikar@learning-leadership.com.


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