You will not be unhappy, next year

This is time when companies, who close their business year in March, get ready for that inevitable appraisals phase and for deciding who gets salary raises and who gets promoted. Suddenly , and more visibly,  almost everyone is unhappy.

In the list of promotions and salary raises, there are some who have shown great performance and who have good potential. But you wish there were more such cases. Instead, there are many, who are there for other reasons:

-was not promoted last year

-might leave

-needs encouragement

-won that big business from a new account

You may have been working hard to just fill up your list and make it look good. You know much of this is ‘trade-off’. In other words you are just pushing the problem to the next year.

Is there a way out? Yes. Your people, those with good potential, need to be put through a leadership development program while on the job. Such a development program would make your people of promise to think hard and deep about their work using powerful leadership principles. Experienced business leaders will review their thought processes and encourage improvisation.

If your high potential people go through such leadership learning and coaching programs you will certainly be not unhappy next year at this time.

Ask us at how to do this. Or visit Learning Leadership

BTW: There are programs for your level too, and they will do a lot good to you -you can claim back your weekends!


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