What is executive coaching? Why should I consider it?

Myth: Executive coaching is something very exotic and it costs a lot. Only Fortune 500 company CEOs can afford it.

The truth: Executive coaching is not an executive jet or a perk meant for only Fortune 500 CEOs. It is technique of coaching executives to be better at their jobs.

There are many expert written articles on this subject. But, I will explain this in plain words:

1. In coaching you (the coach) help the coachee to figure out what will be of help. In training you (the trainer) tell.

2. In coaching you observe the coachee in his or her work. In training the trainee observes (or hears) you.

3. In coaching you ask open questions. In training you give answers.

4. In coaching you may suggest. In training you prescribe.

5. In coaching the coachee is in his or her own work environment. In training, the trainee is out of it (even if in the office).

Why should I consider executive coaching?

To be better at your job you need

1. To improve functional knowledge e.g. product, process, accounting, selling points. Go for training.

2. To have appropriate values matching the organization: Reflection will help. Coaching can help reflection. But you alone can bite the bullet.

3. To have better leadership skills: leadership is all about thinking with passion, clarity, vision and courage and acting on thoughts. The best way is to apply leadership principles to your own work and get executive coaching for it. Only such thinking and acting practice can help you to be better leader. Here too, as in 2 above, the focus is on you. You alone can change yourself. A good executive coach can help through good work related exercises and observing your thoughts and actions. (Your coach can not sit next to you all the time!)

That is all there to it. Really.

Where to find such programs and coaches that do not cost like a CEO’s perk? Ask me! (hemantkarandikar@gmail.com or +91 88888 35883)


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