Tech savvy and communicative? nah

Like the the writer of this blog post many assume that the (chronologically) young are tech savvy and smart communicators. I think this has more to do with those who think they are ‘too old’  to learn the new tech tools than with the kids themselves.

Mere possession of gadgets or tools is not enough for learning. You can find too-resistant-to-learn kids or young-enough-to-learn-anything  ‘old’ everywhere.

Another point:  You don’t need good communication skills just because you are in the age of all pervasive communication and not just because of what we call as ‘information overload’.

Information overload was there in the pre-computes era too -for the curious ones. For the non-curious types where is the information overload even now?

Good communication skills can make your (and others’) lives a bit easier and better. Oh yes, but if your tweet is going to be carried all the world not having good communication skills can be lethal for your reputation. Sure.




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