I have always found challenge in working from scratch using ‘first principles’.

I was fortunate to get such an opportunity to work on designing infographics for creating situational awareness amongst control room staff and managers in the control room of a large refinery.

The amount of information to be displayed was massive and the objective was to create situational awareness without causing distraction and cognitive overload to the control operators. The infographics would have to let the control operators do their jobs on the individual consoles with the above benefit.

Teams at Design Directions, Pune (Falguni Gokhale and Hemali Parekh) and Honeywell Automation, Pune (Ajay Deshmukh, Danish Shaikh, and Sanjay Dave) worked on this project. It was a great feeling to have contributed to this large and one of it’s kind project (probably in the whole world). The projects details (including pictures of the video walls) are here

Infographics for Large Video Walls