Leadership for everyone?

Leadership for everyone?

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Some excerpts from the above…
Leadership Belongs to Everybody, and not to the Few.

As a small business owners dealing with customers, employees and suppliers.

As a parent in guiding our kids thru the ever growing complex and dangerous world.

As a spouse in a two income family, often thru broken marriages.

As a team leader in a corporate infrastructure competing against worldwide organizations.

As a volunteer coach, fundraiser or scout master for our kids wolf pack.

If we step back a moment and observe our immediate surrounding, we can easily identify great leaders that are known in the community, but do not have national recognition. These people are what I consider the Goldilocks role models; not too famous as to overwhelm us, not to small as to draw no leadership lessons.

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Absolutely. Leadership for everyone! We have built a platform for self-learning of leadership -Learning Leadership. It also supports distance coaching. At www.learning-leadership.com and now there is a book coming up ‘Lead to Regenerate’ see athttp://www.learning-leadership.com/blog/lead-to-regenerate/


One thought on “Leadership for everyone?

  1. Hemant, thanks for sharing my blog post here! When people read it along with picking up a copy of your book, they will be well on their way to becoming a better leader no matter where they are or what they do!


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