Do you hate performance appraisal?

Whether you are the one conducting appraisals or your are the one being appraised , very few people can say that they are happy about it.

Ok, but it is necessary -you say. That’s where things usually stop.

The problem with performance appraisal is that if you are a boss you don’t find enough people whom you can rate ‘A’ without any reservations. If you are the one being appraised, you feel, often with justification, that your performance had to suffer due to factors outside your area or control.

So the real culprit is there are not enough good ‘performances’ to appraise. This makes the whole process full of trade-offs and frustrations.

The answer is to raise performance. For this, the managers have to take responsibility for performance of their people. But this is not what really happens. Managers’ priority is to somehow show results and it is not about getting the best out of their people. This may seem paradoxical but it happens.

For managers to take responsibility for getting their people to perform to their potential, they need to be leaders. That is the crux of the matter.

In absence of good leaders, performance appraisals will remain just that -a necessary evil.

To address the root cause (lack of leadership) visit


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