The benefits of meditation (Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana, Brahmavidya, Art of Living…) are well known and have been well documented. People experience better concentration, focus, and calmness through meditation. Many companies arrange these programs for their employees.
There is another kind of meditation that ‘happens to us’ when we are deeply engrossed in some thought. In such periods, we forget about everything else. This kind of meditation@work can also beneficial if the thoughts are directed towards creation of something good or a calmer analysis of problems for finding root causes. When you spend time in such activities you not only get benefits directly related the subject of your thinking, but you also are able to handle urgent matters (which you temporarily kept aside) in a much better way. It is like one track in our mind is asking us to think of something important for future (but not necessarily urgent) getting our attention and it is now letting the other track get on with yesterday’s after effects.
Now you can make meditation@work a regular practice*. Workouts in the the programs at Learning Leadership ( and “Lead to Regenerate” workbook ( are designed to make this meditation@work happen.
The concept of work based exercises or workouts for learning to think like a leader is at the core of the above programs.
Meditate@work to think and act like a leader!
* Try with 15 to 30 minutes a day


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