Grab what you have and run with it!

Customer service… 25 most important things to know

Well said. We agree! The question is what to do about those 25 (and counting) things.
Unless you can fix what is broken, improve it, or simply create great service from scratch these great truths are useless to you. No, they can be damaging because knowing something and not doing anything about is frustrating. In this ‘knowledge’ society a variety of ‘truths’ and ‘top things to know’ are being hurled at you. What do you do about them? Nothing. This is one more. See for yourself if this ‘inaction’ does or does not do any harm to you.
I bet, it does. You arrive to the next ‘truth’ less eager, less curious, and more skeptical, and worse -cynical.
So what is the way out? Grab what you have and run with it -try to fix, improve, or create something. If the outcome is below your expectations you have still learned something valuable -you have first hand knowledge. Ask for and get help, just do!
And next time before you read anymore ‘truths’ check with yourself when was the last time you did something and bettered yourself.

If you need help in learning how to take charge of what you have read this


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