Are you, a better you?

In the world of benchmarks, role models, and gurus  here are some odd questions.

Can you compare yourself with yourself (of say one year back)?

-what new skills did you learn?

-which (bad) habits did you kick?

-which (good) habits did you cultivate?

-Did you improve your focus?

-Did you improve your health?

-Are you a better leader now? How do you know it?

You can ask similar questions about your personal life.

Why is it important to compare yourself with yourself? In the race for being ‘competitive’ and ‘result oriented’ we are forgetting that our truest allies are our own selves. Unless you know how your best ally is doing how can you ever think of competing, leave aside winning?

You don’t need anyone else to do this for you.

This is the approach that is at the heart of Learning Leadership ( and the “Lead to Regenerate” workbook (

If you get palpitations even as you begin to answer the above questions, you need to start soon.

Start in a small way but do start.

You can start by enrolling in any of the programs on the above web site or by starting with the workbook.


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