What kills innovation and what to do?

An article in HBR (see the link below) talks about factors that can kill innovation. The factors, according to the article, are improper use of goals, evaluation, rewards and pressure

HBR article -how not to kill innovation

My point is that you don’t need thirty years of research to come with a list of such factors because the above for factors that cover almost everything related to work.

Even if you wish to heed what the article says, how do you achieve that ‘balance’ between no goals and too much of goals, no rewards and too much of rewards….?

The article talks that ‘savvy managers’ know how to strike that ‘balance’. If you are not not one of those ‘savvy’ managers what do you do?

The article is like much of management writing that appear to be prescriptive but the prescriptions are so vague and so broad that you need to be a super-manager to follow them!

‘Learning Leadership’ and ‘Lead to Regenerate’ programs help you to reflect on your work and as part of your thought process and find your own ways and ‘balances’. Moreover they help you raise your skills of grasping reality, asserting values, idea generation, and put thoughts in action.

Isn’t this a better way and a learning based way of fostering innovation and more…?


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