“Immigrant Mindset ” -excellent advice

Glenn Llopis offers excllent advice in the HBR blog. Read it in this article.

I particularly like ‘unleash your passion’,  ‘work with a generous purpose’, and ‘focus on leaving a lasting legacy’. All these are hallmarks of great leadership in practice.

The questions anyone and almost everyone will have is: “How do I discover my passion and purpose?” and “How do I save myself from a ‘settled down’ mindset?”

There is no simple formula for getting answers to these questions. Our lives have to lived properly -that means hard work, hard thinking, by giving, by trying, by building, and by doing this again and again.

There is some help is in our programs Learning Leadership at http://www.learning-leadership.com and the Lead to Regenerate workbook http://www.learning-leadership.com/blog/lead-to-regenerate/. These programs help you with the ‘thinking hard’ part through a series of workouts.


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