lead-to-regenerate-tips: how to spend that all important first hour of workday

First hour of work day. Do you check emails, get on with a phone call, or get into a meeting? Or call your people to start reviews?

Do none of these, if you wish to have a productive and a satisfying day. Counter intuitive it may seem, but don’t jump into urgent, burning matters. Let them burn for a while. (They were burning yesterday too, weren’t they?)

Spend time on those important things like a planning that important project, preparing a strategy, improving some process…things that you have been postponing all the time. Do your own thinking. You can turn to urgent matters after the all important first hour.

If you wish to have a more systematic program of thinking on important aspects of your work and simultaneously developing your leadership skills consider these programs Learning Leadership at http://www.learning-leadership.com and the Lead to Regenerate workbook http://www.learning-leadership.com/blog/lead-to-regenerate/ These programs consist of a series of workouts for you.

You will have less fires to douse!


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