lead-to-regenerate-tips: copying successful leaders does not make you a leader

That’s right. Copying successful leader does not make you a leader. You have to do your own thing!

Here is an excellent piece by Tanveer Naseer


I quote from it:

“In much the same way as we achieve success, we become the kind of leaders we are not from within a vacuum or through simply copying what works for others. Rather, it’s through a distillation of our own core values, experiences, and what we’ve learned along the way that allows us to find that balance between who we are and what those we serve require from us in order to be successful in their shared efforts.

That’s why, contrary to what we might believe, there are no born leaders. Instead, there are individuals who choose not to follow the tried-and-true path others have taken and instead, use the lessons they’ve learned and the experiences they’ve had to help them understand what kind of a leader those around them need them to be.”


How true! As Tanveer says, copying successful leaders will not make one a leader.

I have seen that one has to learn through thinking about the reality, about the goals, about the methods, and about the values that will sustain the effort. One has to act on the thoughts thus formed and learn from experience and reboot.

Our programs Learning Leadership at http://www.learning-leadership.com and the Lead to Regenerate workbook http://www.learning-leadership.com/blog/lead-to-regenerate/ help you with the kind of thinking through mentioned above. A series of concepts-workouts-examples help you through.



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