From Psychology Today:Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google: “have a coach”

Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google, said that his best advice to new CEOs was “have a coach.”

One hears about executive coaching, but not many have experienced it. Here is are some reasons why you should have a leadership coach, especially if you are a CEO or any senior level executive.

Some excerpts:

Top executives who feel that they can handle it all by themselves are more likely to burn out, make poor decisions or make no decisions – potentially resulting in significant loss of opportunities, human resources and financial resources.

In his study of executive coaching, McKenna, who is CEO and Executive Director for the Center for Organizational Leadership at The Oceanside Institute, argues that executive coaches should be reserved for everyone at C-level, heads of major business units or functions, technical or functional wizards and high-potential young leaders.

The majority of studies including a major one by Joy McGovern and her colleagues at the research firm, Manchester, indicated that the executives who received coaching valued the service between $100,000 to $1 million ROI.

Now my comments:

A lot of executive coaching leans heavily on behavioral and style aspects and to some extent industry knowledge. There is no doubt that, as immediately apparent signs of leadership, these are important. But the need for coaching goes well beyond these areas.  A lot more attention is needed on interdependence of work and life matters, capturing realities, implementation of values, improving processes,and developing agenda for change. A coach who has a well structured process for capturing executive’s thought processes in all these areas can provide very useful support for necessary changes in those thought processes. Our Regenerative Leadership programs have been designed for this.

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Our program content and delivery methods are suitable for all levels of executives.


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