Failure is the only option if success is the end goal

The caption of the original post  (Read ) is catchy and true. It is true in the way the question is framed and assumptions made about what is success.

The article by Larry & Jim correctly says that failures are part of the efforts towards the reaching the goal.

Let us put these things in perspective. Edison could say what he said -‘I have found ten thousand ways that won’t work.’ He was probably spending his own money or time doing this and he somehow could afford to do this. But if he were ‘backed’ by an ‘angel’ or a ‘venture’ , it is easy to imagine what would have happened.

Consider a surgeon, on the other hand. She or he can not discover ten thousand ways of failing! Every surgeon depends on not just own skills and expertise, but she or he also depend on surgery techniques perfected (yes, there were failures on the way of perfection) and other support systems and processes.

It is therefore important to make distinction between ways of achieving perfection and ways to reproducing what is been (reasonably) perfected. Both ‘ways’ are essential to any organisation hoping to last and prosper.

Let us not blame obsession with success, but let us be careful about doing things well and keeping in mind that if we are depending on others for money or resources they may not like to share consequences of our failures.

A great leader handles above paradoxes well teaching people importance of both the ways.



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