lead-to-regenerate-tips: How to engage my people?

Instead of ‘talking’ of ’employee engagement’, let me think about what I need to do to engage your people.

When you frame this subject as ‘what I need to do to engage people?’ it becomes direct and we can leave behind generalities and ‘universal truths’ and come to specific actions.

1. I wish to engage ‘good’ (talented and with good values) and not so much the whiners and cynics.

2. Good people care about their work and they wish to create value for others (customers, organization) and themselves (satisfaction, learning).

3. I therefore need to set an agenda of improving the quality of work by creating programs for improving work processes and projects and let them handle these. I need to support these programs through training, tools, budgets, time, and my personal contribution where possible.

4. Additionally, I will also look at the ‘hygiene’ factors (pay, conditions, social) and act where necessary.

That’s it. I can then let HR to do their part. And I hope that the whiners will stop whining and the cynics will shut up if I keep at it.

Do More: to engage people through learning leadership: See Learning Leadership on line learning and coaching at http://bit.ly/XZxoUo  and the Lead to Regenerate workbook for self learning at http://bit.ly/ZUbqon


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